Dear Colleagues, Friends and Sponsors,

on behalf of the European Societies of Cardiovascular Radiology and Thoracic Imaging, it is our great pleasure to invite you to come to Berlin for our second joint meeting 2023.

The meeting will take place in the heart of the city at a venue which combines optimum convenience for our meeting and comfortable accommodation on site. Public transport options to reach the site are ample, with Berlin main station nearby and fast S-Bahn connection to the airport. Besides the comprehensive educational and scientific program, the participants will have the chance to get a good taste of Berlin right outside the convention center: The worldwide known sights of the city are located at foot walking distance or just a short S-Bahn ride away.

The congress program will appreciate the potential synergies of a joint meeting, featuring a common track of educational and scientific lectures focusing on particularly interesting overlapping topics from both imaging fields – to be surrounded by a colorful bunch of lectures and workshops from all over cardiovascular and thoracic imaging.

As an ouverture, educational thoracic/cardiac imaging workshops of the Roentgen society of our host country (DRG) are planned the day before the meeting and will take the lead, preparing for a flying start into the main program.

Covering all formats of lectures from plenary sessions and state-of-the-art presentations to “hands on” in small groups, we will review and discuss the current best clinical practice and explore the future developments in our fields. We hope for stimulating and enjoyable discussions during the sessions, as much as during the informal features of the meeting, where there will be many opportunities for discussion, to meet and greet colleagues from many different horizons and backgrounds, to exchange, compare and learn. To take home new inspirations for your daily work and research and, last but not least, to establish new professional collaboration, networking and friendship.

Berlin itself needs no advertising. Around the meeting, feel invited to dive into the unique spirit of the place with its experimental, modern and inspiring atmosphere grounded on former and new elegance and its controversial history at the watershed between west and east. We invite you to take the extra time to see the museums, to taste the art and culture life of the city and to enjoy so much more there is to see and do.

See you in Berlin!


October 26 – 28, 2023