Industry Sponsored Lunch Symposia

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Thursday, October 26 | 12:15-13:15

Advancements in cardiovascular and thoracic imaging with world’s first photon-counting CT - NAEOTOM Alpha

Remy-Jardin, Lille/FR; B. Szilveszter, Csorna/HU

Room 2 – Cardiovascular Radiology

Revolutionizing Healthcare: Breakthroughs in AI for Lung Cancer Screening and Cardiac Imaging

PIQE Cardiac & SilverBeam
D. Overhoff, Koblenz/DE
Ai in LCS
C. Jacobs, Nijmegen/NL

Moderator: C. Schaefer-Prokop, Amersfoort/NL

Room 3 – Thoracic Imaging

Friday, October 27 | 11:55-12:55

Advancing Cardiac Imaging: Innovations in CCTA Protocol Optimization & AI-guided FFR-CT

A tutorial on optimising CT scan and injection parameters
C. Mihl, Maastricht/NL
CT-FFR: A case based walk through the literature
J. Weir-McCall, Cambridge/UK

Moderator: F. Bamberg, Freiburg/DE

Room 2 – Cardiovascular Radiology

Evolving CT techniques for cardiothoracic imaging and diagnosis

Stress CTA perfusion imaging and late iodine enhancement: a new way to examine the heart with dual-energy CT
F. Pontana, Lille/FR
Diagnosis and management of chronic thromboembolic pulmonary hypertension (CTEPH): Does photon-counting CT bring additional value
T. Frauenfelder, Zurich/CH

Moderator: L. Natale, Rome/IT

Room 3 – Thoracic Imaging

Saturday, October 28 | 12:10-13:10

Open your Heart for Cardiac MRI

Open MRI Concepts
J. Biederer, Heidelberg/DE
Cardiac Imaging Practice with open MRI
M. Olimulder, Hardenberg/NL

Room 2 – Cardiovascular Radiology

Early detection of lung cancer: Screening and Incidental Nodules

Introduction: Current situation in screening and early diagnostics of lung cancer
S. Schmidt, Forchheim/DE
Experiences from HANSE, first results from the lung cancer screening pilot in Germany
J. Vogel-Claussen, Hannover/DE
Incidentally found pulmonary nodules and the increasing role of AI to accelerate early diagnosis
E. van Beek, Edinburgh/UK

Room 3 – Thoracic Imaging

Industry Sponsored Slots

Friday, October 27 | 09:30-10:00

Veolity and Nelson Plus: lessons in transitioning from trials to practice

A. Nair, London/UK

Room 1 – Common Track

Improving the Patients Journey: Radiographer Led CTCA

G. Morgan-Hughes, Plymouth/UK

Room 2 – Cardiovascular Radiology

Systemic anti cancer therapy (SACT)-related ILD/pneumonitis in breast cancer patients

Overview of systemic anti cancer therapy (SACT)-related ILD/pneumonitis in breast cancer patients
N. Kneidinger, Munich/DE
Radiologist’s role in optimising patient care for SACT-related ILD/pneumonitis
J. Dinkel, Munich/DE

Room 3 – Thoracic Imaging

Friday, October 27 | 15:30-16:00

AI in Chest CT; Insights and results from 3 years of clinical usage at University Hospital Center Paris (AP-HP)

G. Chassagnon, Paris/FR; M-P. Revel, Paris/FR

Room 3 – Thoracic Imaging