Industry Sponsored Symposia

Friday, October 28 | 11:15-11:40

Emerging CT technology and contrast administration in cardiovascular imaging

C. Loewe, Vienna/AT


Saturday, October 29 | 11:15-11:40

In the new era of medical imaging: Impact of photon-counting CT in cardiovascular practice

Real-world results in cardiovascular care with the world’s first photon-counting CT: Photon-counting CT brings added value to cardiovascular practice by combining high temporal, spatial and spectral resolution. Patients previously excluded from cCTA due to high calcium burden or stents can now be confidently examined. Learn more about this new technology from the experts with clinical case presentations from their daily clinical practice.

T. Bley, Würzburg/DE
S. Frantz, Würzburg/DE

Industry Sponsored Lunch Symposia

Lunch boxes will be distributed after each symposium.
Please note that lunch vouchers will be handed out only to participants who attended the entire symposium. 

Thursday, October 27 | 13:00 – 14:00

Inclusion of non-invasive imaging (CCTA and CMR) into cardiac diagnostic set-up in acute and chronic chest pain patients

Wrap-up of the latest ESC and ACC/AHA guidelines related to chest pain
J. Greenwood, Leeds/UK
Paving the future of cardio-vascular care with CMR: Diagnostic accuracy, cost-effectiveness and availability
M. Francone, Milan/IT
How cardiac CT can pave the way for further enhancement in cardiovascular care
F. Bamberg, Freiburg/DE

Friday, October 28 | 13:15 – 14:15

New Horizons in Cardiac CT

How different is coronary artery disease in men and women? What do we know and what do we need?
M. Williams, Edinburgh/UK
Super-Resolution Deep Learning Reconstruction in cardiac CT: When images s’PIQE for themselves.
M. Ohana, Strasbourg/FR
Can CT combine anatomical and functional information in the evaluation of coronary artery disease?
K. Fuglsang Kofoed, Copenhagen/DK

O. Ghekiere, Limbourg/BE

Lunch Symposium ESCR 2022 – Programme Canon Medical

Saturday, October 29 | 13:15 – 14:15

New horizons for clarity and confidence in cardiac imaging

Combination of the latest CT innovations to obtain reproducible high quality cardiac imaging
J.-M. Serfaty, Nantes/FR
Impact of deep learning image reconstruction on MR myocardial stress perfusion
G. Pontone, Milan/IT

J.-N. Dacher, Rouen/FR