October 17-18, 2019
Cagliari – ITALY

In the last years, imaging techniques have explored, with a new level of detail, the atherosclerotic disease of the vessels by offering new evidences that some plaque characteristics are significantly associated to the risk of rupture and subsequent thrombosis or embolization. Moreover, the recent evidence of the anti-atherosclerotic effects determined by lipid-lowering and anti-inflammatory therapies poses a challenge for the choice of therapeutic approaches (best medical treatment – revascularization), maximized by the evidence that coronary and carotid atherosclerosis share common patterns but diverge for some important features.

In this conference, we will discuss with worldwide class speakers from Europe and United States, the similarities and differences between coronary and carotid artery plaque from the imaging point of view and the potential implications for systemic therapies according to the emerging evidences.

Our purpose is to present the more recent innovations in terms of early imaging of atherosclerosis and how to identify the best therapies for avoiding myocardial infarctions or cerebrovascular events.

The course is endorsed by ESCR.


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Mrs. Roberta Loddo